Zach – Success Story

This television clip shows an Independence Works customer, Zach, working at Alco Boynton Cinema. Whether he's acting on the stage, walking the red carpet at a Hollywood premiere, or traveling the west coast promoting his most recent film, performing is Zach Gottsagen's lifeblood; it's what fuels him. Zach is an accomplished artist - he's also [...]

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Florida VR Services Pilot with Youth

Florida VR services piloted a new program for youth 14-22 with disabilities for Peer Mentoring services.  The intensive and time limited services are used to connect youth to long term community services and resources by delivering the initial social supports needed to effectively engage the youth in postsecondary  training, education and employment.  This is a [...]

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Success Story – Jordan B

(Chicago, IL) - Jordan Berman was struggling to find a job. A recent graduate from Florida Atlantic University with a newly minted degree in computer science and mathematics, Berman had it all; the education, the intellect and the drive to become an exceptional employee. There was just one problem – he couldn’t get past the [...]

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AJ and Solartech Universal Success Story

(Riviera Beach, FL) - When two innovative and forward-thinking Florida companies come together, it can be life changing.  Alcides (AJ) Monroig Jr. of West Palm Beach wanted a job. It’s an easy ask for most but for someone with a disability, it can be a little more challenging.  “One day I got a letter from the Florida Division [...]

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