Although many of these services are new, most of them have been in place for many years and are conducive to a service system that puts more of an emphasis on remote resources.  We have and continue to work with our Information and Technology Team, as well as, a team of programmers to produce technology that results in user-friendly experiences for our team and our customers.  Of course, the remote experience requires engaging and effective facilitation.  It is with great pride and confidence that we continue to hire, train, and retain a large team of dedicated professionals who are dedicated to your satisfaction and to ensuring the remote experience meets your needs.

We will continue to customize our method of connecting with each and every client based on their needs and comfort level.  Whether it be Zoom, Skype, Face Time, Teams, or other means, our team is here to help you connect with us.  The utilization of such technology doesn’t just enhance the experience with WOU/IW, it also builds capacity within each customer to utilize such technology for job interviews, employer meetings, and even personal meetings.  It is our hope and pleasure to help everyone we serve successfully navigate not only remote services but communication in general.  Below you will find some of the many services we are offering:

Customized Employment Services

  • Career Planning
    • One on one assessment pertaining to your skills and interests, culminating in career goals and action steps
    • Participate in career interest inventories such as the O*NET Interest Profiler and/or Myers Briggs Personality Test
    • Access to eSkills Tests to test proficiency with office skills, typing and MS Office programs
  • Interview Training
    • Complete a mock interview assessment
    • Ongoing training on answering interview questions
    • Preparation for an actual interview and post-interview analysis
  • Resume Development
    • Collaboration to create and/or update your resume
    • Consultation and training on writing a cover letter
  • Job Placement
    • Gain access to our internal WOU/IW employer database containing 40,000+ employers
    • View current job openings plotted on an interactive map to show openings near you
    • Work with your own Career Resource Specialist and a remote Business Development Specialist who will provide outreach to employers on your behalf
  • Job Retention Services
    • Create a Retention Plan to clarify job expectations, performance status, and strategies for improvement
    • Coaching on communication strategies and performance improvement
    • Meeting facilitation with you and your supervisor to review your Retention Plan
    • Customize our support level including frequency and methodology to meet your needs and comfort level
  • Pre-Placement Training
    • Participate in live facilitated group classes
    • Classes focus on the job search process, interviewing, job applications, resume development, and maintaining successful employment

Assistance Filing for Unemployment

  • It is our pleasure to help you navigate the forms and fields required to apply for Unemployment Benefits

Pre-Employment Transition Services

  • Geared toward students
  • Self-Advocacy
    • Learn strategies to advocate for yourself
    • Hands-on learning through presenting your career plan to your team
  • Peer Mentoring
    • Be assigned a 1:1 peer mentor
    • Learn how to self-advocate for community, social and professional services and supports

Job Club

  • Ongoing group sessions on various topics pertaining to gaining and retaining employment
  • Meet new people from different locations even different states!
  • Gain access to our schedule of Job Clubs